Don’t know what to do when your land lord is at your door for eviction? Or a family member is sick and you need money immediately? Going to bank and other financial institutions for secured on unsecured loans is out of the question because they take a minimum of 15 days just to approve the loan. The amount comes even later.

One of the most effective ways to get yourself out from situations like these is to avail the opportunity of payday loans. For more reasons than one, these loans are perfect for an emergency situation.

Payday Loans1.     Quick:

What makes payday loans most suitable in case of emergencies is how quick they are to get. If you need money today, you can walk inside any payday store, or just log in to your laptop and apply online at Within hours you’ll have extra cash in your hand to spend.

2.     Easy approval:

Usually when applying for loans, the creditors pay special attention to the financial history and the credit score of the borrower and only once they are completely satisfied, do they give loan approval. However in payday loans, lenders approve request within hours of submitting the application. In some cases application is even approved in just few minutes, enabling the borrower to have access to cash. All the lenders ask for is about your job and your monthly income, so you don’t have to strive for building up your credit score.

3.     Flexibility:

Payday loans provide cash to the borrower, who can spend it in any way they want, unlike car loans that should only be spend in cars or student loans that could only be used for pursuing education.

4.     Convenient Process:

Payday loans are convenient to get, considering it doesn’t require lots of documents for it. They are also easier to deal with since the payday stores have convenient hours and their services are available online too, so in case you have a cash emergency at say, 9:00 pm, you can easily access them. Their convenient timing not only makes it easier to get loans but also make it possible to make timely re-payments. However same could not be said about banks and other financial institutions.

5.     No mortgage:

Various loans ask for some kind of asset for security for, so that if the borrower fails to make the payment, they can possibly lose their asset. However in the case of payday loans, there are no such requirements.

6.     Eligibility of loan:

For other kinds of loans, only specific people are eligible for it. It must be a financially secure person with a high credit score. However anybody can apply for payday loans at any time of the day. The only requirement that payday loan has, is of a regular job, or a current bank account.

With all these benefits, payday loan is truly one of the best ways to get you out of a financial flux. So next time the emergency hits, you know where to go.