You do not have to waive of important things to save for what you want. It is enough that you rationally dispose of your moneyeach day. Here are some ways that you can help with that.

How to save each day at a time?

See if some of these suggestions, you can apply today:

• Use the internet and mobile banking to pay bills. Fees are much lower, and the comfort is much higher.

• Note the monthly costs! Regular records will allow you to see the expenses that you could avoid.

• Take advantage of the current discounts in shops, but do not buy what you do not need just because it’s on sale.

• Pay your monthly bills on time, get additional discounts and avoid late interest.

• Find about loyalty programs of shops where you often buy.

• Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it.

• Do not buy expensive products quickly. Consider whether you really need them and whether it is really worth so much money.

• Go to the store when you’re not hungry. Shopping with a hungry stomach usually ends with a major account and more food than you need.

• Pre-set yourself a budget to buy gifts for birthdays and holidays and do not exceed it!

• Take advantage of the Internet! Compare prices online before you go shopping.

• Buy online and save yourself time and money needed to get to the store.

• Save for unforeseen situations, to avoid borrowing if such situation occurs.

• Prepare and bring a sandwich to work instead of buying food every day for lunch.

• Use public transport instead of driving a car or arrange with colleagues to go to work with one car and share costs.

• Save automatically by opening a permanent account and youcan immediately separate a part of the money directly on the savings account. So you will not even count on the money that you save.

• Discipline yourself to return to the savings the same amount of money that you previously spent unwisely.

• The money you accidentally find in old trousers’ pocket put on savings. Anyway, you did not know you have it!

• Reduce costly outings by friends to invite to your home for dinner.

• Do not go into overdraft at the end of the month;distract yourself from buying until the next salary. With the savings in interest, you will be able to purchase more.

• Reduce the limit on the credit card and disable it if you use it too often.

• Use ATMs of your bank, so you will not pay a fee for withdrawing money.

• If you rent an apartment move closer to work in order not to have additional transportation costs.

• Insulate flat or house reduce costs in the long run for heating or cooling.

• Check how muchyou actually use your mobile phone. If you do not spend all prepaid minutes, move to a lower tariff.

• Buy kids clothes because that they actually need to, not because you like it. She’ll outgrow it for a year.

Motivate your child to save money if they want to buy a new toy.