Even if you are rich, money wasting is a very stupid thing. Take the time to consider how do you do it at all? Here are five evidences that you are not smart consumer. This money you can use to invest insomethingelse, but also to improve your way of life. If you own a something and you worry a lot about it at the end those things will own you. Don’t let yourself that. Life is more than things you own. The sooner you get that the better for you. There’s a simple trick that will help you to imagine what all is waste of money. Try to see yourself like someone who is inserting money in a garbage bag and carry it to the container. If it does not work, here are five ways that you will find like real throwing money:

1st Buying new things just because they are new, you’re one of those who stands in the middle of the night in line to buy the new iPhone , but you know what, there will always be new iPhones. This does not mean that you have tobuy it immediately. It’s not just electronics. If you buy a car and use it for a while and soon you are the dealer and looking for newer models, than means that you are in the machine. In the first placeit loses 11 percent of its value when you first sit down in it and 19 percent in the first year. You do not have to change it so often there is no need.

2nd Buying things you do not need. It is always an event to go shopping, and it is just pushing you to enter the store, and to buy things that you do not need .My advice you should always buy on weekends and take advantage of the offer “two for one”, even though don’t buy something that you don’t need. You don’t want to end up buying something just because it is cheap. Try to resist because there are so many things that you don’t need.

3rd You pay fees for the use of credit cards or checking accounts. Paying for special fee for the use of credit cards is stupid, because even now there are those cards where there is no such fee. The same is with the current account or the use of ATMs. There are always banks with lower interest rate.

4th Do not use credit cards in shops that you often buy in. Maybe you will not like the fact that the local shops have your personal data and track your purchases in exchange for discounts of up to 20 percent.

5th You eat out instead of eating at home. If your breakfast, lunch, dinner come in plastic containers or you choose it from a menu then you spend a lot. Always find time for eating food that you have prepared. In this way you will save money and eat healthier food.